18/6/15 Three more things….


1. Oh wow! Now I can make my ransom notes without cutting up all those magazines. This is a real timesaver!

I actually showed this one to my Y9 class who are making poetry anthologies and they took to it like malnourished ducks to fresh bread.

They are using it for title pages and are happy little munchkins.


2. Going to JurassicWorld this weekend, but know that age creepth up on thee in the form of needing a toilet break mid-movie? Here’s the site you have been looking for. This website takes just about any movie you care to enter and provides a window (and explanation of missed plot) for you to grab a refill of that drink, some extra foodie comestibles, or yeah…to runpee.



Thank you Jerry, for making Sneens acceptable

3. This is cool. Almost makes me wish I was an economics student so I knew what on earth all these terms meant. I bet there is an economics teacher in your life who will love this website.

The references may be getting a little dated now ….hmmmmm…. might be room for someone to develop economic concepts based on Game of Thrones?

Scarcity = Daenerys’ dragons? I sense there is room here for development.



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