25/6/15 Three more things…

1. Do you have a budding paleontologist (or even someone who can spell it) in your midst? Well, this is a site that captures significant fossil discoveries and archives them in 3D so that you can explore and interact with them online. This is the closest most of us will ever get to holding our ancestors in our hands. This site gave me shivers.

Mulder and Skully

2. I know I probably shouldn’t admit to this but when I was younger I played hours and hours of Dungeons&Dragons. My fellow nerds and I would gather about a table on a friday night and negotiate mysterious kingdoms full of orcs, pitfalls, and shady merchants as we slurped fizzy drinks and munched on twisties….*sigh*….good times. This site evokes those memories and I am sure there will be students who clamour for this sort of online gaming adventure!

Basic DnD Red Dragon
Yes Mum I have been playing D&D. No Mum, I am not a satan worshipper.

3. World History Atlas, Maps and Timelines…..this site should come with a warning: DANGER: this site may eat all your free time.



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