Hi people, I have many thanks to give to Sheree Ineson from Southland Girls’ High School for sharing some of these amazing links.

1. For all subjects this site is incredibly interesting. Where do punctuation marks get their unusual names? What were the 20 key events of WW2? Heaps of really interesting topics presented in a multi-media format.  I could browse this site for hours!



2. I’ll take ‘Quiz Games’ for $400, thanks. I’m always looking for ways to make the rote learning of information a little more fun and this site fits the bill.

Example: A TV quiz game featuring clues in the form of answers.

Ummmmmm…….What is Jeopardy?



3. Yahtzee Croshaw once said “Jump scares are to horror as fart jokes are to comedy.” However, I will require intensive psychoanalysis after viewing the top jumpscares! Media Studies or Senior English Film students are bound to get an adrenalin kick out of these….




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