27/8/2015 – A thinking of History, A stretch of Health and Fitness, A mapping of Geography!

I’ve been thinking a lot about One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest because it is the film we are studying here in my Y12 English class. Especially the scene where Nurse Ratched tells McMurphy that his “hand is staining (her) glass.”

I like the idea that the people who push the envelope, the McMurphy’s of the world, are constantly ‘staining the glass’ of society and our institutions. If the internet had character it would be a lot more McMurphy, and a lot less Nurse Ratched. To extend the metaphor even further, I hope you find some sites today that ‘break the glass’ like McMurphy went on to do as he punched through the window and grabbed the cigarettes for good ol’ Charlie Cheswick. 🙂

1.History! I couldn’t get more than 9 but I liked this…..you get 3 lives, and at the end it shows you dates and where you went wrong. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times – I gotta brush up on my Chinese dynasties!



2. Health and Fitness and many other categories…

Do you notice that in the map for this site they have left off the United Kingdom? As someone from New Zealand I am completely used to this phenomena but it was surprising to see it happen to someone else for a change! This site has information and videos on all sorts of record attempts…..maybe you, or your students, can set one of your own?



3. Geography….if you love Geography, (as I am sure a small proportion of people do) and can tell your mercator from your elbow, then this is the site for you!



Bonus site…….We are getting into the world of Coding here and this popped up as an interesting site that allows you to learn coding ‘stuff’ in a fun way. You have to download software so I include it as an optional extra….




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