3/9/2015 The Term Marches On

1.Overhead shots of amazing world locations…..simply incredible. Also, reminds me of those dreams I have had about flying. There’s something soothing about the patterns found in nature. Equally impressive are the patterns we imprint on the landscape as humans.



2. Moving and informative look at the Fallen of World War II – a great site to start discussions in History and Ethics classes. At one stage when they started showing the Russian deaths I thought my browser was broken….just kept going on, and on, and on……sobering stuff.

Kreta, Soldatengräber


3. Finally this week, a little relaxation….can you say “Oooommmmm.” Have you ever been sitting somewhere, quietly dozing, and wanted the smooth sounds of rain gently falling? I love a rainy night…Eddie Rabbit, take it away!




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