Books, Debating, Fonts…’s all covered.

If you are one of the overseas viewers of this blog we are just going into a 2 week break between terms/semesters. This gives us a chance as teachers and students to recharge our batteries before our final push to external examinations at the end of our school year.

On a completely unrelated note I was interested to see that golfer Jason Day and his wife Ellie have named their son Dash, after the little boy from the movie The Incredibles.


They named their son Dash.

Does anyone else think that’s a bit crazy?

I don’t even approve of the name for the movie character because how did the parents know when he was born that he was going to have super-speed?

They just had a guess and got lucky? I mean, he could have had any number of different super-powers, so this really grinds my gears.

1.With 2 weeks stretching ahead I see a comfy couch and a good book in my future, just like the old gypsy woman said…..


2.We were doing debating this term and I found this website to be interesting. It came in handy when one debater declared the opposition couldn’t possibly have an opinion on the fashion industry, because, “well, just look at their shoes!”


3.And finally, here’s a website that shows you a word or short sentence in all the different fonts on your computer! Nice. I can finally avoid my old fallback of Comic Sans…..Have a good two week break people!



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