26/11 Music, Geography, Careers

I’ve not posted anything for Home Economics/Food Tech but I did have a thought about that curriculum area. That is an area where the dog eating your homework would be a legitimate concern. Plus, the dog NOT wanting to eat your homework would also be cause for concern.

Slight segue….I have a dog and he is a super-weird little scruffbag who will eat pretty much anything that ‘falls’ out of pockets, or off table….but if you offer him a bit of food he goes and sits on his mat and stares at the curtain.

Picture for proof….I had the audacity to offer him a bit of carrot. (He’d just finished snacking on an old bit of lint that fell out of my pocket)…I sometimes wonder if he is annoyed at me because I don’t back him up in his fights with the vacuum cleaner.



  1. A magic transistor of old songs! I just thought of a new word…….. somg n. words set to music such that when you hear it you go, ‘oh my god’!




2. Just spent an hour at oldmaps…felt like 5 minutes.

Antique Maps of the WorldDouble Hemisphere Map Henricus Hondius c 1630
Antique Maps of the World Double Hemisphere Map Henricus Hondius c 1630



3. Whatcha gonna do when you grow up?

download (2)




19/11/2015 English; Social Studies; History

1.When I was a Uni student, doing English Lit, they made us wade through the morass that was Finnegan’s Wake. Even now I will sometimes wake in a cold sweat, dreaming of that dream of a book and hearing the lecturer’s words…”Finnegan’s Wake has a reputation as one of the most difficult works of fiction in the English language.”

This website would have made it all so much easier….



2. Very cool for Social Studies! This is an interactive map of every known tomb in the valley of the Kings.



3. History seems to have some of the most interesting resources I come across. Here’s another beautifully made site…



12/11/2015 Three Things That Fit Into….English/Media/Life Sciences/Photography/Journalism

We have just started our major external examinations for students doing NCEA Levels 1,2, 3, and Scholarship (14-18 age range). So this week I needed to relax a little and find some (educationally) fun things to do with junior classes.

1.Try a pic taking scavenger hunt around your school! It can have (at a bare minimum): a mixed team component at start (I put them into three random teams based on drawing cards, meaning that girls who didn’t usually work together, did!); timed element for activity so they had to move FAST (got their sweat on…you’re welcome PE dept.); co-operative elements (taking turns being photographer, building the shots correctly); technology element (because they had to put together a team ppt or slideshow at end…); fun element when we watched the finished ppts/slideshows at end and voted on best shots. 

Scavenger Picture Hunt Ideas… (feel free to email me if you would like the word document of this list…It’s heaps flasher)

  • Team pic with one of the statues around the school as if it is a celebrity and you are behaving as if you are excited to have encountered him/her.
  • Riding “air-horses” down the steps towards to pool area.
  • Take a picture of your entire team playing ‘Twister’ without the twister mat.
  • Get two members of your team to re-enact the King Of The World scene from Titanic.
  • Entire team in mid-air…..jump shot!
  • Get a teacher to sing to you. (Bonus points for a rap)
  • The entire team with an international student, playing a musical instrument.
  • A creative version of Pi….3.14
  • The entire team posing for a photo with coins over their eyes
  • Everyone in one toilet stall.
  • Everyone “searching” frantically on the ground for a lost contact lens.
  • One team member dressed as a superhero
  • A different team member dancing with a staff member.


2. A fun site that allows you to get interactive with life sciences!



3. Beautiful, heartwarming, inspiring? Jeez, you don’t want much do you? Lucky I found this site….get the hanky out.



History/Christmas Shopping/ArtPhotography 5/11/2015

Number 1 today is brilliant for History buffs. It even has a very nifty youtube video explaining how to use the site….just click on the i button top right corner…



2. Do you have a bloke in your life who is hard to buy for? I know this is not education related, but hey, Christmas is fast approaching and I’m thinking this link is the perfect way to find that stand-out prezzie! The developer of this site is also creating one called girlneedsgift…..will keep you posted!



3. This site has amazing high res copyright free photos for you to use as you see fit…..I have already changed my screensaver a number of times!