12/11/2015 Three Things That Fit Into….English/Media/Life Sciences/Photography/Journalism

We have just started our major external examinations for students doing NCEA Levels 1,2, 3, and Scholarship (14-18 age range). So this week I needed to relax a little and find some (educationally) fun things to do with junior classes.

1.Try a pic taking scavenger hunt around your school! It can have (at a bare minimum): a mixed team component at start (I put them into three random teams based on drawing cards, meaning that girls who didn’t usually work together, did!); timed element for activity so they had to move FAST (got their sweat on…you’re welcome PE dept.); co-operative elements (taking turns being photographer, building the shots correctly); technology element (because they had to put together a team ppt or slideshow at end…); fun element when we watched the finished ppts/slideshows at end and voted on best shots. 

Scavenger Picture Hunt Ideas… (feel free to email me if you would like the word document of this list…It’s heaps flasher)

  • Team pic with one of the statues around the school as if it is a celebrity and you are behaving as if you are excited to have encountered him/her.
  • Riding “air-horses” down the steps towards to pool area.
  • Take a picture of your entire team playing ‘Twister’ without the twister mat.
  • Get two members of your team to re-enact the King Of The World scene from Titanic.
  • Entire team in mid-air…..jump shot!
  • Get a teacher to sing to you. (Bonus points for a rap)
  • The entire team with an international student, playing a musical instrument.
  • A creative version of Pi….3.14
  • The entire team posing for a photo with coins over their eyes
  • Everyone in one toilet stall.
  • Everyone “searching” frantically on the ground for a lost contact lens.
  • One team member dressed as a superhero
  • A different team member dancing with a staff member.


2. A fun site that allows you to get interactive with life sciences!



3. Beautiful, heartwarming, inspiring? Jeez, you don’t want much do you? Lucky I found this site….get the hanky out.




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