26/11 Music, Geography, Careers

I’ve not posted anything for Home Economics/Food Tech but I did have a thought about that curriculum area. That is an area where the dog eating your homework would be a legitimate concern. Plus, the dog NOT wanting to eat your homework would also be cause for concern.

Slight segue….I have a dog and he is a super-weird little scruffbag who will eat pretty much anything that ‘falls’ out of pockets, or off table….but if you offer him a bit of food he goes and sits on his mat and stares at the curtain.

Picture for proof….I had the audacity to offer him a bit of carrot. (He’d just finished snacking on an old bit of lint that fell out of my pocket)…I sometimes wonder if he is annoyed at me because I don’t back him up in his fights with the vacuum cleaner.



  1. A magic transistor of old songs! I just thought of a new word…….. somg n. words set to music such that when you hear it you go, ‘oh my god’!




2. Just spent an hour at oldmaps…felt like 5 minutes.

Antique Maps of the WorldDouble Hemisphere Map Henricus Hondius c 1630
Antique Maps of the World Double Hemisphere Map Henricus Hondius c 1630



3. Whatcha gonna do when you grow up?

download (2)




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