Just back from camp….

I’m just back from camp so my brain is a little jaded. I have nothing grandly educational this week but I do have a little youtube cameo that just made me laugh till tears rolled down my face.

This youtube user, who goes by the name Ploface, bought a sort of high tech harmonica and decided for his first song to learn the theme to Jurassic Park. He takes a powerful scene from the original movie, drops the music and adds his version over the top.

It is hilarious. The looks on the actors’ faces when that horrible, off-key screeching kicks in is a joy. It’s such a simple, ridiculous idea and I can’t stop laughing. You don’t realize how much an actor’s emotions are enhanced by the music until it’s stripped out, leaving them to convey wonder, awe and excitement over the childlike mashing of keys and mistimed honking.



Virtual Museum/English/Math

1.Holy Exhibits Batman! I would never have been able to visit the Smithsonian, until now. My god IT LOOKS AMAZING! I’m going to add visiting this stunning museum to my bucket list right about…..now.



2. Fun writing prompter with a thanks to Mr Purdy for supplying the link.




3. Have you ever wanted to create a Mathematics gif where a function in ‘x’ and ‘a’ transforming as ‘a’ tends from one value to another? ME NEITHER! But, if past experience has shown me anything, it is that Math teachers are a strange breed and the weirdest things seem to hold them enthralled for hours…so here you go. The mathematical equivalent of a laser red dot to a cat.



Math, Electronics, Social Studies

1.Mathematics. I struggled so much with basic mathematics when I was younger, and simply couldn’t “get it”. Also, the teacher’s method of teaching was to write the formulas on the board and then send me outside with a rugby ball to kick around. Sweet.




2. Electronics. I had a friend who told me how electricity was measured. I was like, watt?

I’ll show myself out.




3. Social Studies. A great site that compares countries and gives students an idea what life would have in store for them if they lived elsewhere in the world. Compare New Zealand and Vatican. You would be more likely to be Catholic.



Music, Science, Physical Education

I don’t know why, but I do enjoy a virtual piano! I feel like the mark of a truly rounded person is the ability to play a musical instrument and speak a second language. I figured the harmonica was about my limit musically, and is grunting a second language?



Made by students, this is an amazing example of integrating technology and science!



Perfect for tracking student fitness and improvements. It immediately made me want to do chin-ups…..turns out I’m not as strong as I was almost positive I would be.

symmetric strength