Just back from camp….

I’m just back from camp so my brain is a little jaded. I have nothing grandly educational this week but I do have a little youtube cameo that just made me laugh till tears rolled down my face.

This youtube user, who goes by the name Ploface, bought a sort of high tech harmonica and decided for his first song to learn the theme to Jurassic Park. He takes a powerful scene from the original movie, drops the music and adds his version over the top.

It is hilarious. The looks on the actors’ faces when that horrible, off-key screeching kicks in is a joy. It’s such a simple, ridiculous idea and I can’t stop laughing. You don’t realize how much an actor’s emotions are enhanced by the music until it’s stripped out, leaving them to convey wonder, awe and excitement over the childlike mashing of keys and mistimed honking.



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