Everyday Carry, Know More, How Stuff Works

  1. I found this great site http://everydaycarry.com/ that lists what people are carrying around. This appealed to my desire to pack a little survival kit and, heading to symposium next week, encouraged me to check my own ‘carry’ that I am rarely without….I give you My Everyday Carry !


  1. iPad Air – The case is tatty, but I would be lost without my iPad!
  2. Nokia C2 – The ultimate brick! This is classic Nokia and I carry it everywhere…The battery lasts for about a week, and I only use it for texting and phone emergencies so it’s perfect. Look at that thing…it takes a whippin’ and it keeps transmittin’.
  3. Leatherman Skeletool – At a mere five ounces, this baby has a stainless steel combo blade, pliers, bit driver, removable pocket clip and carabiner/bottle opener. The Skeletool is just what you need in one good-looking package.
  4. Keys and LED Lenser Light – LED Lenser torches are sturdy and the beam they put out is like touching the darkness with a magical wand of luminosa!
  5. 16GB USB Drive – So, so, so handy. Wanna share some digital stuff….whack it on the USB!
  6. Nike TOMTOM GPS Watch – I run, and this bit of kit is all the motivation I need. It tracks actual distance and position, within about a metre, (no matter where you are in the world) by hooking into satellite data….I cannot express how awesome I find that.

2. Pretty cool site if you want to know more about the world around you! Ties in to Eco, Geo, History, Eng, heaps of info in cool infographics!



3. How things work in video form…..also some gifs.






Media Studies, History, Information Technology

What is funny to you? Sometimes I see things and they just crack me up. Like this Horse gif….it’s hard to explain but all I can imagine is the horse thinking…”whoa, whoa, what’s that? righto, steady…..steady….I got this, I can do this……HUP…hah!, totally nailed it.”


Anyhoo….onwards to three things!

1.Media Studies: Interesting little site that I use to search for movies I might like!





2.History: I think this site is wonderful, kudos to the creators, the options on the left for viewing art, inventions, politics were a very good idea, and make viewing events more interesting for someone who doesn’t want to see every category at the same time. I also like that for some of the dots you can read the wiki article!



3.Boolean searches!

How to solve impossible problems: Daniel Russell’s awesome Google search techniques

The information above is incredibly interesting for anyone wanting to search the internet better.