Media Studies, History, Information Technology

What is funny to you? Sometimes I see things and they just crack me up. Like this Horse gif….it’s hard to explain but all I can imagine is the horse thinking…”whoa, whoa, what’s that? righto, steady…..steady….I got this, I can do this……HUP…hah!, totally nailed it.”


Anyhoo….onwards to three things!

1.Media Studies: Interesting little site that I use to search for movies I might like!



2.History: I think this site is wonderful, kudos to the creators, the options on the left for viewing art, inventions, politics were a very good idea, and make viewing events more interesting for someone who doesn’t want to see every category at the same time. I also like that for some of the dots you can read the wiki article!


3.Boolean searches!

How to solve impossible problems: Daniel Russell’s awesome Google search techniques

The information above is incredibly interesting for anyone wanting to search the internet better.




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