Science, Science, Science

“It’s poetry in motion
She turned her tender eyes to me
As deep as any ocean

As sweet as any harmony
Mmm – but she blinded me with science
She blinded me with science!”


What I took from this website is that if I did nothing but rest for 24 hours my body would still burn the equivalent of 2.8 pizzas.

I know what I’m doing this weekend!


2. Science:

The more I listen to this, the more it blows my mind… For several reasons.

These radio waves really are out there, albeit very weak at great distances.

The majority of the musicians on this webpage are long dead.

Damn times have changed, over and over again. I assume these were the most popular songs of the era, and they are so different. 1930s and 1940s stuff was “so and so and his orchestra”

There actually doesn’t seem to be a huge difference between 1930 and 1940, for example. It’s either that it is so foreign to me that it all sounds the same, or we really are changing faster now that we have such better access to music and technology.

At the end, it illustrates that we are so damn small, and the universe is so big.



These guys were in their 30’s on the moon, and here I am sitting at my desk eating rocky road.





Economics, Health (hauora), Geography

Does anyone remember that everyday carry site I posted a few weeks back? Turns out Snoop Dog posted his own ‘carry’…..his is a LOT cooler than mine, who woulda thought it?

Let’s break it down a bit….For starters, at time of posting this he had 13,965 ‘likes’ for his carry. He pulls off the two ‘g’ on Dogg. Pretty sure he wasn’t christened ‘Snoop.’ He calls his a ‘Lay out’…..artistic license. And see that black American Express Credit card peeking cheekily out of the Billfold? That’s the American Express Centurion Card, known informally as the Black Card, it’s an invitation-only card issued to platinum card holders after they meet certain criteria, and cardholders are among the wealthiest people in the world.

I think I will do a close viewing of Snoop’s Lay out with my English class!

snoopdogg’s Lay out


1.Michele Rehder, a teaching colleague from Schoology Educators, published this Economics site online and I had to share. It will give students a great idea of the myriad ‘hidden costs’ involved in running their lives away from home!



2. Inner Peace? Oh yeah, The Dalai Lama made a website for that.

Here’s a link to the New York Times article that triggered the website….



3. Geography: I’m sure that geographers will find about a bajillion uses for a map creator like this?




English, Maori, Geography

My big goal for the year is to create a bank of Scholarship English lessons that can be used in a ‘flipped’ classroom so that students who can’t make tutorials have access to information covered. I figure that if I write it here and people see it, I will be much more accountable for making it happen. The problem is seeing and hearing  myself on the camera….what the hell is that all about?

  1. English: Wow, this is neat. For words with many definitions or synonyms, it will initially show only the main ones, but you can access the others by double clicking the central word in the diagram. For instance, I wanted to see how it handled the word “run”, which has a ridiculous number of definitions in English. I was initially disappointed with results, but when I double clicked the central “run”, the diagram went nuts adding more spokes. Try the same for hat.

Edit: After double clicking to expand the diagram, don’t double click again. Trying that on the word “run” just caused it to enter a non-stop attempt to expand further.



2. Maori: I’m really proud to be a New Zealander and a big part of that pride comes from an awareness of our unique cultural make-up. The Maori culture is hugely important to what it means to be a ‘Kiwi’ so I’m pleased to be able to share that, especially with overseas visitors to this blog.

(I was looking though some of my favourite NZ films and I realised that director Taika Waititi was at the helm of three of my all time laugh out loud best: Scarfies, Boy, and Eagle vs Shark….he also directed What we do in the Shadows, and Hunt for the Wilderpeople, showcasing the humour that is an important part of Maori culture and Kiwi life!)



3. Geography: The technology on this seems a bit old school now…so because it’s a bit light on desirability, (kinda like the last biscuit that’s gone a bit stale) I’ve also included a satellite font creator…..don’t know how you might use it though!



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Hey there people….I’m all charged up about term 2! During the first week of the holiday I went to a teacher’s symposium (flash name for a course) in Auckland, it was run ‘by teachers, for teachers’….and it was very inspiring! Lots of great people, all passionate about teaching, innovation, and thinking outside the square. One of the little things I loved were these cheeky fidget characters, for folks who like to ‘fidget’ as they listen!


They remind me of the Mister Meeseeks character from the (very adult) Rick and Morty cartoon series….


Meeseeks are creatures created to serve a singular purpose, which they will go to any length to fulfill.  After they serve their purpose, they expire and vanish into the air. Their motivation to help others comes from the fact that existence is painful to a Meeseeks, and the only way to be removed from existence is to complete the task they were called to perform.  Kinda deep for a cartoon.

  1. The Atlas of Economic Complexity. Now, now, give it a chance! I was caught up in this website for hours and I am NOT a lover of all things economic. Comes highly recommended by world famous importer/exporter, Art Vandelay.



2. If you are anything like me then you will hear a song in a film or on tv (sometimes in an ad) and decide you MUST have it in your spotify playlist and then spend an age trying to track it down. Not knowing a title, I hold a lyric line in my head, jump on google and hunt and peck til I find it! Well, no more! These sites list a ton of movies/tv shows with all those great songs easily findable…(findable? I think that’s a word? Tell me it’s a word)



3. Still with me? If you made it this far I have a doozy for last. Science! You need to access this using gmail+, or facebook, or twitter account, but it’s well worth it. I especially liked the initial loading sequence where it says “assembling the human for first time use”….I felt like a god!