Economics, Songs in Movies, Science


Hey there people….I’m all charged up about term 2! During the first week of the holiday I went to a teacher’s symposium (flash name for a course) in Auckland, it was run ‘by teachers, for teachers’….and it was very inspiring! Lots of great people, all passionate about teaching, innovation, and thinking outside the square. One of the little things I loved were these cheeky fidget characters, for folks who like to ‘fidget’ as they listen!


They remind me of the Mister Meeseeks character from the (very adult) Rick and Morty cartoon series….


Meeseeks are creatures created to serve a singular purpose, which they will go to any length to fulfill.  After they serve their purpose, they expire and vanish into the air. Their motivation to help others comes from the fact that existence is painful to a Meeseeks, and the only way to be removed from existence is to complete the task they were called to perform.  Kinda deep for a cartoon.

  1. The Atlas of Economic Complexity. Now, now, give it a chance! I was caught up in this website for hours and I am NOT a lover of all things economic. Comes highly recommended by world famous importer/exporter, Art Vandelay.



2. If you are anything like me then you will hear a song in a film or on tv (sometimes in an ad) and decide you MUST have it in your spotify playlist and then spend an age trying to track it down. Not knowing a title, I hold a lyric line in my head, jump on google and hunt and peck til I find it! Well, no more! These sites list a ton of movies/tv shows with all those great songs easily findable…(findable? I think that’s a word? Tell me it’s a word)



3. Still with me? If you made it this far I have a doozy for last. Science! You need to access this using gmail+, or facebook, or twitter account, but it’s well worth it. I especially liked the initial loading sequence where it says “assembling the human for first time use”….I felt like a god!



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