History/Film, Health/Home Economics, Chemistry

1.History and Film…nice. This reminds me of a film I watched during the last set of holidays. It was a Russian film, English subtitles of course, filmed entirely in black and white, and it was over 3 hours long. “Hard to be a God” is a film I would struggle to recommend, but here’s a youtube trailer just in case it is your cup of tea.

In a nutshell it examines how someone with a small amount of future technology is indistinguishable from a God.





2.Healthy eating made simple! I am going to try and eat healthier and lose 5kg over the next 5 months. I feel the weight of a term of Thursday form time feasts!




3. Pimp the periodic table of elements! I find this kind of website almost hypnotic. And the depth of information is amazing!


and a youtube demo because this beast is complex!



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