English, Workshop, Biology

1.English Games. I do love a good wordgame. This site has a whole heap of brilliant wordgames and quizzes to keep you amused for hours on end!


With the huge myriad of things I am a bit shit at, it’s nice to have something I am (modestly) freaking awesome at!




2.Take something apart. Once when I was about 7 or 8 I got the idea to take a length of electrical cord and cut it so that the plug was still on it, then wire that into an old speaker that we had in the garage.

If you can sense this is not going to end well, you are correct.

I thought that I would be able to ‘hear’ electricity as it came through the speaker after I plugged my monstrosity into the mains power. (I think I mentioned once before that I have very little common sense) Anyway, I plugged it in, flicked the ‘on’ switch and the next thing I remember I was sitting on my bum with my ears ringing and the power had been completely blown to the entire house. Needless to see my Mother was furious, and my Father remained confused about this no-commonsense cuckoo in his nest.

This site would have appealed to my desire to take things apart and it would have allowed me to do it somewhat safely!




3.Biology – interactive human brain! Brain surgery is a fickle trade….this site may make it more accessible.






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