Science, Distance Learning, ESOL/Languages

1.Science: I had a teacher at High School who used to put a pot plant on students desks when they asked too many inane questions….she claimed she was replacing the oxygen they were sucking out of the atmosphere. This first site has lots of handy little science tidbits like according to a “theory known as the biophilia hypothesis, humans have an in-built desire to be close to nature – and scientists think this can be used to improve our health.” Turns out that teacher way back in the day was improving our health AND teaching us to think about the questions we asked in class! Thanks to Sharee Ineson for putting us onto this great site.


2. I have a student currently on exchange in Australia and we are using this website so that we can do some work around the film essay the rest of the class are preparing. We can watch a scene together, chat, and exchange board notes!


3. ESOL perhaps? Languages? English? Classics?



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