Three Things on a Thursday? Well, Three Geography Things Anyway!

Sorry I missed last weeks edition but things were happening in Havelock North! Some of you will be aware that we had a town-wide exposure to a nasty e.coli bacteria causing campylobacter in our drinking water.  Upshot was that all high schools were closed down for three days, and primary schools were shut down for the week. Mostly because you can’t trust those littl’uns to wash hands etc after toileting.It was an interesting experience for those of us who were lucky enough to not get sick. Many thanks to colleague Warren for putting me onto SmartyPins.

So, here’s Three Geography things to spirit you away and take your mind off your troubles when sick…..

1.Virtual Treks


2.Geography Guessing Game that uses google street map! Lots of fun trying to figure out where in the world you are.

maxresdefault (1)

3.Another trivia type game that puts your geography knowledge to the test.





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