Fonts, Rhymes, Photography

1.Font! I found this great site that allows you to scan and create a font out of your own handwriting! Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow me to use it on WordPress, but it does on all microsoft office documents!



2. Rhymes :



3. Photography: An excellent tool that allows you to play around with all the features on a digital camera. This could appeal to the budding photographers at your school.



Languages, Astronomy, Geography

What a lovely holiday. I ran, I slept, I annoyed my dog. Ahhhh…..batteries recharged. I feel like an iPad on 100%.

1.Languages. This site filled me with a number of emotions. I believe that we have a responsibility to keep alive the things we are habitually casual in wiping out. So, mostly, I felt pride in being a New Zealander, with the steps we take to ensure that Maori does not become an extinct language. This is an amazing site that seeks to prolong the language of the Marra, an Australian indigenous tongue.


2.Kids these days with their 3D interactive comets. Back in my day, we had to watch comets through a telescope with one eye, and we couldn’t turn ’em round to see the other side. We didn’t need regions or light options, dangnabbit!



I just sat here really excitedly waving my iPad around only to come to the realisation that you need a smartphone to play this……Can someone pretend they caught a plane from Napier, New Zealand? Thanks.

I’d love a volunteer to give this a try though. I’m going to get my senior students to trial it today. Will report back next week with any fish-hooks! (I guess I’m a little worried about the content of the messages being sent and received!)