Fun and Games December

1.Here’s an interesting little time filler.

.i. Go to and click on Random Article…this is your Band Name

.ii. Go to and click on Random Page…choose a quote and select the last 3 to 5 words of the quote…..this is the Album Name

.iii. Got to and click on the 7th image….this is your album art.

Here’s a random one I created:


Now I just need to think up good educational uses!

2. Three thoughts for this next one:

.i. Set headphone volume to low before playing. Alternatively, you could remove fragile items within arms reach, so you don’t break anything when you react to the unusual sounds.

.ii. The audio does not come with English subtitles.

.iii. “So long, and thanks for all the fish”



3. I’m no mathematician so I have no idea of the value of this site….


Bonus Math related joke…..



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