Khan Academy/PrintFriendly/Whiplash

1.App: Khan Academy. This always makes me think of Star Wars and Klingons. There’s also a great website that I have linked the picture to.


2. Website: Print Friendly!

This is a really, REALLY handy website that takes those pesky HTML pages and makes them print friendly, and savable as pdfs, etc…..Honestly a huge time saver for me.



3. Movie: Whiplash. Imagine Raging Bull, Rocky, or The Fighter – replace the boxing gloves with drumsticks and set it all in the Hallways of Fame or Glee!  It’s gonna be an exciting combination of talent, ambition, and brutality. If you have a Senior Student who loves their music, they are going to love this film. Lots of swearing so I have to give it a NSFL tag….even the trailer should be R Rated!


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