Media/Laziness?/Multiple Subjects

My thanks to the colleagues who provided ideas for this weeks three things!

1.Short of the Week: Great little short films that are good for media or intro to film study or wide readings!


2. Can you catch laziness?…an interesting read.


3. Cross-Curricular – Multiple subject areas. Large database of academic videos, audiolectures, and other goodies.














One thought on “Media/Laziness?/Multiple Subjects

  1. Hi Greg, This is a pretty awesome Blog. I love the way that you have structured your posts by the rule of threes! The short of the week is pretty great. I can see myself using this with my media studies students as a short starter where we analyse a couple of techniques used. Another cool example that I can share with you is Aroha Bridge, which I think you would appreciate! Check it out at
    As far as the article on catching laziness goes… I have always firmly believed that it is very difficult to run with a crowd and end up at a different destination!
    Thanks for sharing!


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