English/Formclass, Geo, PE


“Go, go, go Joseph…” Still humming the tunes from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat which I saw in Wellington on the weekend. I love that show and must have seen it at least 8 times in different venues and guises. This one featured angels on hoverboards, Trump as the ‘hairy Ishmaelite’, flashing LED sneakers, and other pyrotechy bits and bobs. But at its heart this remains a story about chasing your dreams. And that innocent enthusiasm is what I love most about the show…..righto, on to three dream inspired things!

1.English/Formclass – Site with interviews and videos about people who followed their dreams and provided inspirational stories.



2.Geography – ever dreamt (dreamt or dreamed? I don’t think it matters, but US uses dreamed more and UK based English tends to favour [favor] dreamt) of travelling? Now get a drone to go do the travelling [traveling] for you!



3.Phys Ed….dreaming of smashing out a world record for PE? Here’s a host of events you can have a go at.




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