1.Music – the drum section will be a big hit. Ba Dum Tsshh

Speaking of music, I had the immense pleasure of listening to our school Chapel Choir (who are preparing for the Big Sing competition) singing at assembly….they reminded me of this quote:

“Who hears music, feels their solitude
Peopled at once.”
― Robert Browning, Poet

Sometimes we are lucky enough to be part of something that ‘peoples’ our solitude and makes us feel a sense of belonging to something bigger than our individual selves. I am sure our whole school felt that while listening to the singing.

I had nothing to do with the choir but listening to them I was incredibly proud to be a part of my school. At a couple of stages I even had to look down and fake an intense interest in my shoes as my eyes prickled with emotion! I loved every second of it.

Ii was one of those moments I will always think back on, and think how lucky I was to be there.


2. Globe of economic complexity…visualize 15 trillion dollars of world trade! I don’t really understand it, but damn, this is beautiful! 15 trillion dollars is an incomprehensible amount to me, but I have had a recurring dream where I win 75 million. Suffice to say I have spent a LOT of time thinking about how I’m gonna spend those 75 mill pingers.


3. Photography: My son is into photography but won’t listen to a stitch of advice from me. Lucky there are sites like this he can go to! I need to boost my creativity in some way. But not with drugs. Drugs are bad. M’kay?




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