The post about wikipedia last week provoked a lot of comment online about the reliability of wikipedia. It was an interesting discussion and ultimately we agreed that like all resources you just have to filter the information you find and make sure you can back it up with other sources. As I meandered through wikipedia I did find this little gem on velociraptors though.

1.Math-Scale: I have been suckered into thinking that velociraptors were these imposing, pack-hunting dinosaurs….turns out they are just aggressive turkeys….


2. Presentations: My thanks to Carolyn Dwight, the SCT from Otumoetai College who kindly sent me some sites that I could use for this blog. I’m not going to use them all at once, I will drip feed them out! This one was a cracker and came just as I was looking for a good tiger roar sound (I’m building a ppt for Life of Pi, Richard Parker needs to be seen AND heard).


3.Research/History I apologize in advance for the time I am about to steal from you. Enter this website at your own peril (especially Historians). It’s just a trove of fascinating articles and essays.





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