Civilization as we know it only started about 6,000 years ago and it’s easy to forget the massive amounts of time that the Earth was free of humanity. This website allows us to scroll back through time to look at the shifting faces of Earth.


2.Music *Thanks to Caroline Dwight for this site

I wish I was good at music. I marvel at the talents of our students as they play. When I was younger my mum made me take piano lessons but my lack of interest coupled with my desire to be out running around meant that the piano and I were never destined to be. Even worse though, after the piano failed I was roped in to accompany my younger sister to dance lessons.  At 12, I had to tap-dance. We made it through to the end of year production where I was required to toe, heel, shuffle my way through a routine onstage as ‘The Popcorn Boy’, backup to my sister, ‘The Candyfloss Girl’. The internal scarring has barely faded. I should have stuck with the piano.



Did somebody say ‘catapult’? Pffffftttt…..I had no idea that trebuchets were SO powerful….and then it hit me. Did you seige what I did there?

Trebuchets were the most technologically advanced siege engines of their time and were capable of hurling a 90kg stone over 300 m using a counterweight. Perfect for physics experiments!



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