6/8/2015 – week 3 already?

Morning all, well it’s been a frenetic but exciting start to the term. On friday we had a meeting of the Hawkes Bay SCT cluster group and that is always a good motivator to get engaged with educational issues! Many thanks to Rachel for hosting the meeting and Adie for both taking minutes and providing ongoing encouragement.

Onto the three things for today! I have a real mixed bag of treats on offer….

1. This cool History website has tons of goodies….for instance I took the “Which historic badass were you in a past life” quiz and turns out I would have been Boudica/Boadicea! Nice. (pic not related…that ain’t Boudica)

I reverse google image searched this and found out it’s Ching Shih, who was Chinese, and one of the most badass pirates of all time.


2. Design. Ok, so this site is definitely for the fatcats and not the poor students….no option to throw a mattress on the floor here. But, it’s still a fun site to mess about on.



3. PE? Health? Quite frankly, my reaction time was a bit rubbish. In fact, today I learned I have the reaction time of Theodore Roosevelt. ie, a dead man. I’m gonna have a cup of coffee or three and try again…..But on the plus side my memory was scintillating. 🙂

download (1)



And finally, I know it’s technically a 4th thing, but I don’t think many people will be interested in this….however, if you are Warren and you scrolled down this far….here’s an extra nugget of Beatles gold just for you…



30/7/2015 – Back into the swing of things.

1. This was brought to my attention by a member of our staff, so thanks Charissa! I have already tried it out in the classroom and it was a huge hit with students. Requires that everyone has a device, but other than that it’s easy as.



2. One of the great things about books is that they can take you on a journey. Both emotional and geographical. Now two guys, Richard Kreitner amd Steven Melendez, have mapped the actual geography of some of the iconic novels of American Literature. This is absorbing for any book nut!



3. From the top of Mount Everest to the base of the Eiffel Tower and many, many points between, this next link is a must for geography teachers who want their students to see amazing sights….



11/6/15 My first three things….

Graphic (1)

1. Could you be a super-recogniser? My first thought is that maybe teachers have finely tuned skills in this area after years of facial sorting? (Pesky twins aside) If only we could put these mugshots into a seating plan we’d be sweet!

Anywho, try out the site below to see how your powers of facial observation stack up. Let me know how many you got…It’s not a competition but I got 10/14….had to guess a couple, but overall that’s a rank slightly below Sherlock Holmes but slightly above Kojak.


2. If you check out nothing else…check this out. A site that allows you to search for videos from big engines like Youtube and then removes ALL advertising and comments! What’s that? You scoff at this sites ability to filter out the advertising and the comments from ‘the madding crowd’? Go on then, take a look….I reckon you’ll bookmark this ‘un.


Begone, foul advertising!
Begone, foul advertising!

3. Last, but not least, is this unusal little site that takes any picture that you input and creates a meandering storyline based upon it. Well, it worked for a picture I put in of me running….it was strangely poetic whilst triggering thoughts of sweating up a hill.


Strange, and a little spooky
Strange, and a little spooky

[word.camera uses convolutional neural networks to extract concept words from images. It expands those initial words (mostly nouns) into sentences and paragraphs using a lexical relationship database and a flexible template system]……..hmmm, it all makes sense now. 😉