Last three things for the term….My students are revising at the moment and we have been playing Kahoots, Taboo and Quizlets! It’s amazing how competitive they get for the reward of a mini toffee-pop! I think I am about to blow my budget for the year on bribery/motivational snacks.

1.Science. Harvard Uni offers a completely FREE online course in the fundamentals of neuroscience in which you can gain a certificate. All you need is a basic understanding of Bio and Chem! (I don’t want to give too much away….but the brain did it)


2. Workshop: I need to be able to change my own oil….ahhhh….just the site.



3.Coding! Since those two kiwi guys made the JRUMP game and are raking in the pingers I figure I could come up with a cool game too!



Science, Science, English

There is a student in one of my classes who sneezes ‘politely’ like this: “too! too! too! too!” She can last upwards of 10 teeny-tiny sneezes and it seriously drives me batty. Humans evolved to clear dust from their nasal cavities with a mighty trumpet blast of majestically unrestrained energy….so sneeze properly! Rant out of way, here’s ya three things…..enjoy!

  1. Science: Greenhouse gases. Equal mix sad and scary, this narrated video shows the swirling gases that are gobbling up our oxygen.



2. More Science. Human Body. As we age, the interesting facts about our bodies just multiply.



3.English. A rose by any other name is just as stench-laden……